Hiking to mountain restaurants

Stablam: Balcony of the Lech Valley. More info about Stablalm

Variant for mountaineers : Bschlabs to Stabalm via Bschlaberkreuzspitze.

  • Walking time 4 to 6 hours, black trail)
    Stabalm => Elmen (walking time 45 min via forest path)
    Return by bus Elmen (15h51, 17h30) => Bschlabs (16h01, 17h40)

Easy variant : circular walk to the Stabalm

  • Start in Elmen
    Ascent via forest road (1h30)
    Descent via forest path (45 min)

Fallerschein: Tyrol’s largest alpine pasture village. More infos about Michl’s Fallerschein Stube

Variant for mountaineers : from Bschlabs to Fallerschein via Putzenjoch.

  • Walking time: 4 to 6 hours, red trail, possible ascent to the Namlos Wetterspitze.
    Fallerschein => bus stop at Fallerschein station (walking time 30 min)
    Return by bus from Fallerschein station (14h46) => Bschlabs (16h01) – waiting time in Stanzach

Simple variant : There and back to Fallerschein

  • Start at Fallerschein station (from Stanzach, direction Namlos)
    Walking time 45 min, suitable for prams
    Bus Bschlabs (9h11) => Abzw. Fallerschein (9h44)/ Retour Abzw. Fallerschein (14h46) => Bschlabs (16h01) – Waiting time in Stanzach

Petersbergalm : Tasting homemade cheese. More infos about Petersbergalm

  • Start Petersberg car park in Hinterhornbach
    Walking time : 2 hours, suitable for prams and bicycles
    Bus Bschlabs (9h11) => Petersberg car park(10h07) => waiting time in Stanzach/ return Bus Petersberg car park (15h17, 17h16) => Bschlabs (16h01, 17h40)


You would like to travel at a different time! No problem, call Taxi Klug in Bschlabs: 0676 557 8018 or 0676 4400 997. Taxi up to 8 pers. at a fair price (e.g.: Abzw. Fallerschein => Bschlabs 50€ for 8 pers.) BY PRE-ORDER

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